katherine_fergerKatherine has been around dogs all her life and has been working with them professionally as a trainer for 19 years. She is the owner and founder of Canine Company which has been operating since 1996 offering dog training and behaviour services in addition to superior dog walking and daycare services for the greater Toronto area. In 2009 Katherine decided to leave city life behind and move herself, her dogs and her business north to Barrie, Ontario. In addition to running Canine Company Katherine is also head of Animal Antics, the Training Director at Canine Country Kennels and has served as a Training Director in charge working scent detection dogs trained to detect bed bugs. Katherine has officially certified with four dogs in Bed Bug Detection in addition to participating in the sport of scent detection with her own dogs.

Katherine’s experience includes training puppies and dogs of all ages, temperaments, breeds, and backgrounds—and includes a wide range of interactions with human owners, too.

Katherine keeps up to date in the field, and incorporates current scientific research in animal behaviour and psychology into all her techniques and methods of training. Since 1992, Katherine has attended numerous seminars and workshops throughout North America, learning from Dr. Ian Dunbar, Karen Pryor, Turid Rugaas, Roger Abrontes, John Fisher, Gary Wilkes, Terry Ryan, Dr. Pamela Reid, and numerous others. In 2008 Katherine graduated with distinction from the Karen Pryor Academy. Katherine also travelled to Sweden in May of 2010 where she spent five weeks training with Bob Bailey in all levels of his “chicken camps”.

katherine_zeldaIn the sport of Disc Dog, and at only her sixth disc dog competition ever, Katherine and her mixed breed dog Tallulah were the first ever Canadian team to win a Disc Dog World Championship when they won the Microdog Division at the Skyhoundz Disc Dog World Championships in 2007. Her other mixed breed dog Zelda came 5th in the world that same year. Since 2007 Zelda and Tallulah have been multiple time Canadian Regional Skyhoundz Champions as well as multiple time Skyhoundz
Classic Disc Dog World Finalists, USDDN World Finalists, Disc Dogathon World Finalists and Xtreme Distance World Finalists. Her other dogs Fable and Spiderman, as well as her newest addition Zindzi, have all qualified for various World Disc Dog Championships including Skyhoundz Freestyle, Toss & Fetch, USDDN Super Open Freestyle and Super Pro Toss & Fetch, Skyhoundz Disc Dogathon World Championships (Freestyle, Bullseye, Paris D & A) and Skyhoundz Xtreme Distance World Championships.

Although no longer actively participating in the sport, Katherine put over 40 titles on seven dogs in the sport of flyball when she was competing. Several of her dogs ran on teams achieving Regional Champion Status in both Regular and Multi Breed Classes in the very competitive NAFA Region 2. Her two height dogs Zelda (NAFA 8″, U-Fli 7″) and Tallulah (NAFA 9″ and U-Fli 8″) both ran low 3.9’s. Katherine and her dogs have performed at many local fairs and demos as well as larger venues such as the RCMP Musical Ride and the Toronto Police Games at The Rogers Centre. In the sport of Dock Diving, after only three times on the dock, Tallulah (15″ at the withers) earned her Novice, Junior and Senior Jumper Titles. To date her personal best jump is 19 feet.  Zelda (14″ at the withers) earned her Novice and Junior Jumper Titles with her personal best jump just shy of 15 feet after only 5 times on the dock!

Our Mission

Canine CompanyAt Canine Company it is our mission to enrich the lives of dogs and their owners. We do this by teaching people how to communicate with their dog and to recognize what their dogs are trying to tell them. Owners are then able to motivate their dog to do the things they want simply, effectively and while having fun in the process. Learning is quick, efficient and effective for both the dog and their handler. Our training is also loads of fun!  Once people understand how their dogs think and learn they no longer have to resort to ineffective ways to “make” their dogs listen to them. Training is fun and something to look forward to instead of a frustrating experience.

We respect dog’s and their owners equally and provide a safe learning environment where training is fun and motivating for everyone. Every family is unique and we cater all our programs to each individual dog and human that comes through our doors.

We teach dogs to make correct decisions on their own so owners do not have to rely on leashes, corrections or constant commands to keep them under control. This creates a safer, more reliable dog and increases the bond between dog and owner as well. A well mannered and well behaved dog is a joy to own and will enrich their owner’s lives for years to come. Well behaved dogs can enjoy a very high quality of life with many freedoms and privileges that poorly trained and misunderstood dogs cannot. We are committed to improving the quality of life for all dogs as this ensures a longer, healthier, and happier life!