Behaviour Consults

We offer personalized Behaviour Consultations for problems such as reactivity on leash, fear/anxiety, house training, resource guarding, barking, excessive chewing, destructive behaviour, separation anxiety etc.

We take a detailed history of your dog prior to the consultation. During the initial consultation we will do a detailed assessment of the problem and from there design a personalized and detailed behaviour modification program for your dog. Telephone and email follow up is included and required.

We also offer Behaviour Assessment Service where we will take a detailed history, assess the behaviour issue and then provide you with an estimate of possible management solutions and time lines. You then have the option of proceeding to a full behaviour consultation with a detailed behaviour modification program as outlined above.

If you are interested in our Behaviour Consultation Service please call our office to discuss your dog’s specific case. We look forward to hearing from you (705) 725-9099.