Board & Train

Canine Company’s Boarding School is a board and train program for your dog! Your dog stays with us for a period of time and will receive multiple training sessions per day in basic commands and behaviours. Training can include commands such as down, stay and COME, as well as behaviours such as walking on a loose leash, politely greeting people and settling on a mat. Training is customized to each individual dog and family so you decide what you want your dog to learn.

Teaching your dog basic commands is one of the most important responsibilities of any dog owner. Sometimes though, the amount of time required in early training is much more than anticipated, or some dogs have challenges which slow down the learning process. We have the time, the experience and the knowledge to train your dog efficiently in a relatively short period of time.

You do not need to be a professional dog trainer to own and handle a well trained dog, let us do the ground work for you! Our Boarding School is exceptional! Your dog will receive exercise, play sessions and lots of love and affection while staying with us. We can do in two to three weeks what might take some owners several months to learn and practice in once weekly classes. Quite simply….we have the time you may not.

Prior to booking your dog for Canine Company Boarding School you will have a consultation where your goals are discussed. A personalized plan will be designed and goal commands and behaviours will be identified. This needs to be done within one week of your dog being signed in.

We video tape training and provide written reports on training sessions with your dog. Upon your return you will have a two to three hour one-on-one where we demonstrate what your dog has learned. We then show you how to continue with training and will teach you the skills you will need to be able to continue to reinforce what your dog has learned. All email and telephone follow up is included in our Boarding School Program to help keep you and your dog on track.

Does Board and Train really work? Yes, it can. The success of our program relies on positive training methods based on proven scientific principles of learning. Dogs who learn this way can transfer behaviours fairly easily to anyone who uses the same methods. So what your dog learns with us, he/she can easily do with any member of your family employing the same positive, motivational techniques we will show you upon your graduation and “Pick Up” session.

We train for real life, not in an obedience ring. So your dog learns to settle on a mat while we watch TV, learns how to walk on a loose leash on the streets outside our home and in downtown Barrie etc. Recalls are taken outside to real parks with real distractions. If we only trained your dog in a training hall we could only expect your dog to listen well in a training hall, but our program takes place in the real world, which is where you and your dog live. We take training to the park, to the sidewalk, in the car, to the mall, to other people’s homes and anywhere else we need to go.

The success of our program also relies on your expectations and your follow through. Our pre boarding session will help you set realistic goals and we will individualize the training programs to your life and needs and your dog’s ability. Our one on one session upon picking up your dog will ensure you have the skills and knowledge to keep your dog trained and transfer all their new commands and behaviours to your home and life. Our taped sessions and written reports give you a chance to go over anything needing clarification and we are always here for follow up via telephone or email whenever you need it!

If you are interested in booking your dog for our Board and Train Program you may Contact Us or fill out our Board and Train Questionnaire and we will get back to you within 24 hours to discuss how we may help you and what our availability is.

Cost of Board and Train:

2 weeks (minimum stay for most dogs) $800

3 weeks $1200

4 weeks $1600

1 week Puppy Head Start Program (puppies from 8-16 weeks only) $350

1 week refresher course (for previous board and train clients or clients currently taking lessons with us) only $350

2 week refresher course only $500